Singapore offers much to the commercial sector, no more so than its stunning array of commercial properties to let. One of the city’s most impressive locations is the Samsung Hub building, which boasts some of the most sought after office spaces in the city, situated as it is surrounded by the internationally renowned financial infrastructure of Singapore.

Commercial property has continued to soar in value, despite the 2008 recession, and has proven time and time again to be a target for savvy investors. Over the past few years, the Samsung Hub has been a pivotal location for this booming sector, and as such has produced opportunity for both those looking to rent offices for their businesses, and those wishing to invest in commercial property.

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Samsung Hub: Meeting the Location Criteria

There are various financial centres around the world which draw the best business minds towards them. London, New York, Hong Kong etc. all are cities which have huge resources in terms of talent, population and infrastructure, which can be harnessed by both large and small businesses on a global scale. Just a look at Mukesh Valabhji’s business profile, a key investor in commercial property in that area, shows the sheer wealth of connections which can be made in such an environment. Singapore is phenomenal, and indeed rivals most of the great financial epicentres associated with commerce and growth, and is one of the reasons the Samsung Hub building has been such a success.

With this location, businesses can use the Samsung Hub as a starting point in which to immerse themselves in the bountiful and prosperous market economy, which Singapore has made so famous. Singapore has a AAA finance rating, and easily the most impressive GDP to trade ratio globally – all of this leaves the Samsung Hub perfectly situated as a property which can provide access to one of the greatest trading economies in the world, benefiting businesses which choose to base their operations there.

Past Impressive Property Deals

Samsung Hub has presented prosperous opportunities for both property investors and businesses looking to establish themselves in Singapore. With 30 storeys and 299,753 square feet of space, it’s easy to see why so many businesses have made the decision to move their organisations to this location. Indeed, a long list of mutually successful property agreements have been undertaken since the building’s completion in 2005.

These have included:

  • Floor 16: A huge gain for Capital Management was in their sales of office spaces on the 16th floor in December, 2012. At that time, the price agreed was $3,000 per square foot. At 13,132 square feet in total, the profits amassed through the sale of the 16th floor were hugely impressive.
  • Floor 17: In 2013, the entire 17th floor attracted prices of a staggering $3,500 per square foot. Overseen yet again by Capital Management Group (a Seychelles based investment initiative), this is a huge investment brokered by these businesses pertaining to numerous strata within the Samsung Hub building. This set a new record in Singapore for Office space by Capital Management, owned by Mukesh Valabhji, Seychelles based.
  • Floor 18: In 2014, the 18th floor was sold for another massive margin of $3,225 per square foot, resulting in around $42.35million Singaporean Dollars. This was also overseen Capital Management Group, owned by Mukesh Valabhji once again cementing their respective organisations as key players in international commercial property acquisition and sale. A large amount of subsequent commercial property deals have been agreed for strata within Samsung Hub; indeed, there are too many to mention within the scope of this article. Needless to say, each sale has been a lucratively profitable venture for all involved.

Samsung Hub: Future Perfect

Singapore’s economy continues to grow, as too does its population and available resources. As this growth progresses unimpeded, the demand for existing and new commercial properties will increase in tandem. Samsung Hub has already proven to be an exceptionally profitable revenue stream for businesses and individuals who have invested in it, and this is certain to continue. Singapore itself is robust economically, and as such could provide an evergreen investment for property developers. Furthermore, because it is most likely to experience growth for many years to come as a financial centre, businesses which establish themselves there are sure to benefit from this eventuality. Indeed, this is entirely the reason behind commercial property being so widely sought after in the region.

The Samsung Hub has allowed many businesses to excel within a competitive environment, providing access to amenities and business infrastructure as effective and important as anywhere else in the world. It will continue to do so, offering opportunities for inverters in commercial property and entrepreneurial organisations alike.